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How To Choose The Best Web App Development Company in UAE

An Overview 

Over the past few decades, many web applications have become an integral part of our life. The primary reason behind this is that web applications are customized solutions to cater to our needs and expectations. In a technology-driven environment, web applications facilitate the smooth completion of tasks thus ensuring a great end-user experience. Thus, all modern businesses are using web applications as they facilitate better communication between the business enterprises and their customers. 

Web apps and their advantages

In a simple language, a web application is a computer program that uses a web browser to perform a particular function. There are many advantages of web applications. Typically, to use an application, the first thing required is installation but in the case of web apps, no such installation is required which removes overhead associated with space limitations. Also, web apps are free of compatibility issues and demand very less maintenance and support. These all are the primary factors that have caused an upsurge in their demand. Examples of web applications that we use in our day to day life include Gmail, yahoo, google docs, etc. 

Wackri: A Trusted Name in Web App Development

Understanding all these factors, one can ponder about leveraging web apps to boost his business in the current scenario and build a brand amid the plethora of competitors. Using agile-development methodologies, web apps can be developed for individuals or companies which offer a great deal of flexibility to the clients. Understanding this utmost need of modern businesses, Wacrki, a team of highly-dedicated professionals works strenuously to deliver web apps that fetch genuine satisfaction from the users. 

With a strong understanding of the present scenario’s needs, we look forward to becoming the best web app development company in the UAE. Over the past few years, technology has witnessed unprecedented advancement resulting in the development of the latest frameworks and architectures. We employ the latest technologies to bring about a seamless end-product free of all errors and bugs. Blending our expertise with your requirements, we always commit ourselves to ensure delivery of web apps within the stipulated period without any compromise on quality.

Our Approach

The way we conduct web app development activities also bring a thumbs up from our client. When they approach us with their ideas or concepts, we carefully draft all the requirements in the initial phase. This is followed by sharing thoughts from the team to make sure that no communication gap creeps in. Once all the requirements are finalized from all the stakeholders, we kick-start the implementation. Wackri team creates a prototype of the final product and present them to the client to seek valuable feedback. As per the feedback, we either proceed ahead with the further implementation or make the necessary amendments. Since your priorities are of crucial importance to us, at every stage we emphatically keep our commitments in mind. 

UI Development

After finalizing the prototype, the development team speeds up the development process by creating an interactive user-interface (UI). Developing an attractive UI is an important step in the web app development process. Moving ahead with the development as per the planned workflow, choose our firepower from different tools/platforms/frameworks to build the web application. This is followed by building the intended web application by building the database, the back-end, and the front-end. In modern client-centric development, front-end and back-end are developed at the same time. We strongly adhere to all such details and incorporate them during the implementation. 

Manual Testing

Once a series of endeavors result in the development of the tentative product, we start the testing of the product. During the manual testing phase, we check the product for various parameters including functionality, usability, compatibility, security, and performance testing. Once the testing results are satisfactory, we host and deploy your web application making it fully-functional.


In a nutshell, the overall web app development by Wackri is robust, secure, and seamless. We are a trusted name and the testimonials of our clients are proof. We empower you to perceive the power of perfection and behold a quality execution from our web development team. We look forward to playing an instrumental role in taking your business to a new height. Our team administers its knowledge and skills with the expertise to bring a smile to your face and guarantee overall satisfaction. Let us come together and cultivate innovative ideas together to reap the fruits of exponential business growth, more leads, surplus ROI, and many more in the days to come.

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